Frequently Asked Questions

A: This will be dealt with on case to case basis.

A: Delivery time is between 5.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. daily.

A: If there is any problem, kindly contact our Call Center immediately. Customers can claim or refund based on our “Claim Policy”

A: In case of any goods shortage, kindly contact our Call Center immediately. We have second delivery service based on our “Service Policy”

A: We set minumum order at THB 700.

A: We set price validity period of 7 days with price change every Thursday (referring to date of delivery)

A: -Closing time of order receiving for grocery-Food products (e.g. seasoning, rice, cooking oil) and grocery-Non food products (e.g. food container, packaging materials, utencils) is 9 p.m.

A: -Closing time for fresh foods (e.g. vegetable, fruits, meat and poultry, fresh seafood, fresh and dry condiments) is 11.59 p.m.

A. Customers can request special order of new items outside product list, we can add in new items into it within 2 days depending on product availability in the market.

A: We operate and provide service 365 days, no holiday.

A: Customers can return goods which are mistakenly ordered, subject to “Goods Return Policy”

A: If we confirm order with customers, then he/she cannot amend/cancel the orders.

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