Terms of Service

Claim Policy

1. If customers find any defect or problem of goods received, kindly contact our Call Center requesting for returning goods, provided that this must be notified within the same day of receiving goods.

2. In case we deliver wrong product items or quantity, we will get return them all.

3. In case customers mistakenly send wrong orders on some items.

We will accept goods return only vegetable or fruits are in good condition
In case of frozen products, we will get goods return only goods are not unfrozen and still maintain good condition.
In case of fresh and dry condiments, dry grocery-foods and non-foods, we will accept goods return only they are kept in original conditions and not unpacked.

Goods Compensation Policy

1. If customers find any short delivery or not the right specification, kindly contact our Call Center to notify the problem.
2. After notification, Foodville will proceed to delete the items in Sale Order or have second delivery with the proper products on the same day or the following day, as the case may apply (depending on customers' urgency).
  • Address

    Foodville Co., Ltd.
    1-2 Kor., 350/1-2 Moo 13
    Tumbon Kukot, Amphoe Lum Luk Ka, Pathumthani 12130

  • Phone

    Phone: 02-536-6963, 02-536-6964
    Fax : 02-536-6965, 02-536-7043

  • Contact

    Facebook : FoodvilleTH
    LINE OA : @FoodvilleTH
    Email : cs@foodville.co.th

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